STAY SAFE! Covid-19 Safety Polices

All management personnel, employees, tenants and visitors to 

245 West 55th Street, The DuArt Building, 

are subject to the following safety and health requirements.


  • All policies are in compliance to Federal CDC, NIH, HHS, OSHA, NYS and NYC requirement policies.

    • Safe controlled building access:

      • All visitors need to sign in with security, show current ID's and provide contact information.

      • Social distancing must be maintained at all times following signage and social distance markings.

      • Masks must be worn at all times in public access areas: Entrances, Lobbies, Waiting areas, Hallways and Elevators. 

      • All entrants have their temperature read by non-contact medical grade calibrated hand held thermometers. 

  • Hand sanitizer stations are available at entries and key locations.

  • We have 24 hours shifts of cleaning and disinfection and have trained our staff to follow the recommendations of the NYC Health Department. 

  • We have placed cleaning logs in the major traffic areas, bathrooms and kitchen areas to evidence that the areas are disinfected minimum once every hour. 

  • Emergency PPE will be available if required.

  • Zero tolerance for failure to follow policy requirements. 

  • To enforce regulations, we have camera monitoring of all common areas.

  • Any person not complying with health and safety policies will be reported to management.



  • The DuArt Covid-19 policies are in compliance with the current SAG-AFTRA issued guidelines. 

  • Workstations are cleaned and sanitized before and after sessions.

  • The audio recording studios are cleaned/sanitized before and after each session, including the microphone, POP filters, music stands and any other equipment the performer will come in contact with. 

  • Engineers, second engineers and operators use rubber gloves, whenever possible, when setting up the room, moving mics, booms, music stands, or any other equipment and should dispose of them frequently. 


All policies can be updated without prior notice, should NYC, or other Government agencies, 

require action due to change in reopening status and/or guidelines. 

Any questions regarding these policies please contact DuArt Management 


For additional personal protective precautions and recommendations for community preparedness, 

visit the CDC website:


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245 W 55th St,

New York, N.Y. 10019




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