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DuArt's Localization Production team provides a full range of services to allow content creators to distribute their content globally! 

From translation to subtitles, to casting and recording talent, DuArt converges a world of translators, writers, and performers to meet the increasingly international nature of program production and distribution. See our reel, here!

  • Script Translations & Adaptations

  • Talent Auditions & Casting

  • Directing & Recording Talent

  • Customized Graphics

  • Sound Design & Final Mixing

  • Original Music Composition

  • Closed Captions and Subtitles

DuArt is proud to be a production facility of choice of The Pokémon Company International, Inc. for more than a decade and of many other renowned worldwide animation companies.  DuArt is well known in the industry for adapting animated series to English, Latin American Spanish (LAS), Brazilian Portuguese (BPO), and many other languages that are of utmost importance for global distribution. 

For more information contact: Randy Hudson or Linda Young

Phone: 917.522.5657


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