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DuArt Media Services has been selected by Zipporah Films to digitize Frederick Wiseman’s films

The Frederick Wiseman film collection of over 30 feature length documentaries, produced between 1968 – 2006 will be digitally scanned by the DuArt Digitization Center in full 4k resolution using the DFT Scanity. For the ultimate quality, the original cut negatives will be the sources for scanning into 16bit DPX files. After scanning 16mm A&B rolls of cut negatives a digital conform will be made to create a complete digital single strand DPX sequence which will represent new "digital negative" for archiving and subsequent work on delivering a fully color graded and restored archival and distribution masters.

For the conform, grading and restoration processes DuArt uses Digital Vision Nucoda/Phoenix state of the art system with implemented true Academy Color Encoding System (ACES). Both the conform and color grading are verified to existing and client approved and supplied references, as a primary grading display DuArt uses the Barco 4K theatrical projector. Zipporah Films, the distribution and production company of Wiseman’s films, selected DuArt Media Services as the service provider for this significant project based on DuArt’s lifelong experience working with films and for the company’s competence converting historical footage into digital files. The two companies have worked together since 1971. Frederick Wiseman will personally oversee and approve the final versions of this major undertaking.

Wiseman by Wolfgang Wesener (Wowe). Photograph provided by Zipporah Films. More information about the films of Frederick Wiseman can be found at

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