• 24/7 Secured Access

  • High Speed Internet & Wi-Fi

  • Conference Room

  • Screening Room

  • Shipping Services

  • VOIP Phones & Central Printing

The DuArt Building is dedicated to servicing the needs of television, film, and media related companies of any size.


DuArt offers over 90 suites that can be catered to the unique production needs of each client. DuArt can expand and contract rooms and services with ease and quickly adjust to the ever-changing needs of today’s production environments.


Our philosophy is to foster a creative community and partner with our clients to meet their creative objectives.

​Support Services

  • Turnkey Edit Systems Outfitted to Avid or Adobe Premiere

  • Complete Storage Systems Including Avid NEXIS and ISIS

  • Private Networking Services

  • In-House Technical Support

For more information contact: Linda Young

Phone: 917.522.5657

Email: offices@duart.com

​Access To Services

  • Finishing Services

  • Sound Recording and Mixing

  • Digitization and Restoration Services

  • Aspera and FTP Services